Video clip

In this video clip Xarnege presents their album "Talka Tum". Some of the images have been taken in my workshop and one of my string drums can be listened, as well as a besson (string drum with 4 chords).



The sound of my instruments played by different musicians.

Tune-up and maintenance

All you need to know about the maintenance and tune-up of your string drum.

Protect the string drum

Sun, rain, dust, blows... Protect your instrument.
Bags or cases...


Founded in 2003, Xarnege has performed more than 200 concerts in 15 countries, 4 CDs... Smugglers of traditional music: Xarnege.


Artús pulls out their energy from the tribal Gascon repertoire. Their music is radical, at the same time rooted and moving to the areas they explore.

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The three-holed flute

The three-holed flute is the complementary instrument of the string drum.